What’s inside MI40X Program?

MI40X-collageMi40 X 2.0 is actually a body building training program which has been designed to stimulate the strength of the muscles. This program is available in the form of an e-book authored by a professional body builder Ben Pakulski. Besides the e-book, the buyers will also get a series of audio clips and digital videos. Mi40 X is the abbreviated form of Mass Intentions40 Xtreme.

The program will help in your workout by changing certain angles of pushing and pulling which is done to strengthen the muscles. It also targets a specific area of the body to tone up the muscles and maximize its growth. The particular number forty has been considered as the foundation of author’s amazing workout program. Even it has been proved scientifically that 40 is an optimal number for building the muscles. Indeed, this incredible product ensures that you would gain about four pounds of solid muscles in every eleven days.

The Core Idea of this e-book is based on the following elements-
• 40 day intense workout regime
• 40 second sets
• 40 second rest
• 40 minutes training
• 40 exercises
• 40 foods
• 40 day meal plan

The entire book has been divided into ten modules

Module 1: ‘The Mi40 CEP Rapid Start Action Plan’
This is a video based component, the duration of which is about five minutes. This can be helpful for persons who find very less time for building their body.

Module 2: CEP Practical Application Guide
The e-book will not only inform about the body building secrets but will also help in telling you how to properly implement it so that you can maximize the benefits in transforming your body. It is quite easy to understand and attain quick results.

Module 3: Nutrition Guide
Getting acquainted with the appropriate nutrition required by the body is very important in order to build the muscles. The book will is a comprehensive guide which will give vital knowledge on this topic in an easy language.

Module 4: Supplement Guide
The book will also tell you what other best supplements are necessary for building the body. The author has also told about when you need to take them in whole range of situations. You can know about those genuine shops where you can buy these products which have been approved for consumption.

Module 5: FAQ Guide
FAQ guide has been provided with the aim to solve out all your concerns and doubts regarding the program. You do not have to browse internet for searching answers to the questions.

Module 6: Workout Sheets
It provides a systematic approach to the workouts done for muscle building. It will help you out when you visit the gym as you can follow it.

Module 7: Day Premier Phase
The program has been very carefully designed and as such the author has tried to provide every single detail so that you can achieve the most out of it.

Module 8: Seven-day Detox diet
After reading this e-book you will have adequate information on what to eat and when to eat. The program will help to maximize very ounce of nutrition gained from food and supplements.

Module 9: Exercise Guide
It gives you a detailed account of every exercise that needs to be done while trying to stimulate the muscles.

Module 10: The CEP Training Blueprint
The e-book also gives you information about what kinds of training or workout you need to specifically avoid if you are building the muscles.

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