Create A Luxury Hotel-Inspired Bathroom For Your Family

With an ever-demanding job, a house full of kids, and rarely getting enough time to spend with your family, it is almost impossible to create a luxury hotel-inspired bathroom for your family. This is however precisely the reason why you need such a bathroom. This bathroom provides the comfort and tranquillity you would want after a hard day at work.

According to several lifestyle and parenting bloggers, creating a luxury-inspired bathroom at home doesn’t take /require much. As long as you have an idea of what you want, implementing some of these ideas is relatively easy. All you need to do is research exhaustively on the idea, invest a little of your time in it, and design the bathroom you have always wanted. Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas on how to create a luxury bathroom at home.

How to Create A Luxury Bathroom At Home

Invest in a good quality rain shower. Luxury hotels use these to ensure their clients get the best experience. You can, therefore, bring the experience home by investing in such rain showers and electric radiators. In addition to this, you might want to have an electric shaver plug installed inside the wall cupboard in the bathroom. This way, you will be able to hook the shaver or even the electric toothbrush from the comfort of the bathroom. The cupboard will also double up as a storage space for such electricals and charging docks, says Laura from Five Little Doves.


Go for quality, not quantity. Thick cotton towels are a must for any elegant bathroom. Do not invest in cheap ones just because there are little ones around. They will get used to it.

Making Space and organising items

Declutter the bathroom and make room for storage. The environment inside the bathroom needs to be inviting and not daunting. Using a cluttered bathroom makes it harder to calm down, leave alone enjoy a warm bath or shower. That said, you'll need several storage boxes, a changing unit, and a lovely big basket to help keep the bathroom organised. All kids' toys should be kept in the storage boxes while cloth nappies and dirty clothes ought to be kept in a basket. This way, you won't have clothes, toys, etc. lying around the bathroom floor.

Create a place for everything. The first step to keeping your bathroom clutter-free is by ensuring everything is kept in its right place. Practical storage is mandatory if your bathroom is to have a luxurious look and feel. Every element in the bathroom should be arranged and appropriately organised too. Nicola recommends adding a statement flooring or mirror to the bathroom as well.

Considering the Environment

Go green by adding real plants. Eco Family's Nicole recommends adding some real greenery to the bathroom. Avoid the plastic 'fake' plants but go for real ones instead. The actual plants not only add a spec of appeal to the bathroom but also come in handy in purifying the air. You won't require an air freshener or scented candles with real plants.

The Essence of First Impressions

Add display towels to the bathroom. If you have been to several luxurious hotels, you might have noticed two or more towels are hanging neatly in the bathroom. Although these towels may be meant for additional guests to the room, they also serve the purpose of beautifying the bathroom. Clean and unused towels always provide a neat, fresh, and tidy look to the bathroom. Consider adding these to your bathroom as well.

Some fragrance will be a welcome idea. Luxury hotel bathrooms always have a fresh and luxurious fragrance hanging in the air. That said, you need to invest in clean linen and some luxurious scents as well.

Add an expandable wooden shelf. There are times when you'll want to spend more time in the bathroom soaking while reading a book or sipping your wine. Adding an expandable wooden shelf across the bath will come in handy in adding some aesthetics, as well as provide a convenient place to hold your glass of wine, book, or kindle.

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