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Incredible sense of self can be reached with the help of both perfect moral and physical health. ADONIS high quality Facial plastic surgery procedures for your beauty and youthfulness is the way towards total self-confidence and long-awaited changes.

Facial plastic surgeries can be an important instrument to make your appearance even more beautiful or to improve congenital facial aspects for your best well-being.

ADONIS beauty and facial plastic for natural, refreshed and healthy appearance provide a wide range of Programs which can be individually adapted by the experienced specialist.

The main benefits of ADONIS clinics are: 

  • Pre-surgery rigorous examination process¬†

ADONIS 'own laboratory and world-famous manufactured equipment basis provide the total examination process for every patient before the surgery. ADONIS skilled doctors select an individually adapted diagnosis plan to make your changes the most comfortable and without side effects or complications.

  • Anesthesiologist consultation and support

According to the type of the surgery, you will be provided with qualitative anesthesia and professional support from the specialist. We ensure the anesthesiologist consultation before the surgery to discuss the possible reactions, to get know the allergy specifications or personal wishes. Your stay in ADONIS will be remembered as one of the happiest times when your life changed.

  • Plastic surgeon individual consultations¬†

ADONIS staff are renowned by the real professionals that confirm their high qualification by multiplying successful cases and happy reviews from the patients which have already experienced the ADONIS Facial plastic procedures. Individual approach an-d plan of treatment are ensured for everyone … Read More