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Healthy cats make excellent companions. Although these animals have a decidedly independent spirit, there's obviously a lot that they can't do for themselves. If you've just adopted or inherited your very first cat, there's a few, essential things that you should know about basic cat care.

Choose A High-Quality, Age-Specific Cat Food

All pets should be fed foods that are specific to their stage of development. Growing kittens will invariably have different nutritional needs than will fully grown, senior cats. You can ask your veterinarian for pet food recommendations. Keep in mind that any signs of digestive distress should always be reported to your vet right away. This includes prolonged periods of diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, lethargy or anorexia.

Cats Need Regular Vet Care

Before you bring your new pet home, take your cat to see the veterinarian for a full exam and for any necessary shots. Your vet will suggest various vaccinations based upon your cat's age, health history, and lifestyle. To keep your pet at optimum levels of health, schedule his or her wellness check-ups twice each year. Investing in comprehensive pet insurance is a great way to keep your vet bills at a manageable level.

Buy A Scratching Post To Keep Your Valuables Protected

A lot of house cats are guilty of scratching up furnishings, vertical blinds, audio speakers, carpeting, and more. Scratching is a natural, necessary, wholly instinctive activity among these animals. Thus, rather than attempting to discourage it, simply make sure that your cat has … Read More